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Happy Wesak Day

                          Happy Wesak Day

Wesak Day, also known as Buddha’s Birthday, Buddha Day or Full Moon Day, is celebrated on the Sunday closest to the full moon in May every year. Vesak Day is one of the most important festivals in Buddhism because it commemorates the three most important events in the life of Buddha, namely his birthday, the day of Buddha’s enlightenment and the day of Buddha’s nirvana. The Vesak Day celebrations begin at dawn.

Some traditional activities held on Vesak Day include the “Bathing the Buddha” ritual and the “Three-Step, One-Bow” rituals. For “Bathing the Buddha”, devotees scoop clean water from a basin and sprinkle it over a statue of Buddha. This represents the washing away of bad habits such as greed, pride, complacency, anger, jealousy and selfishness. In the “Three-Step, One-Bow” ritual, devotees prostrate themselves before Buddha with every three steps they take, symbolizing their repentance as well as their highest form of reverence to Buddha.

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